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Build your own binoscope!

Linear - platform for bino-scopes BB - 140

To reachable a "bino-scope" you have two possibilities: you adjust the interocular distance with optical elements or you change the distance of the both telescope tubes. If you will get the maximum optical power, the best way is to use the EMS elements form Matsumoto (deliverable from Astro-Hutech) and adjustable telescope tubes.

The BB-140 unit shown inc. additional mounting rings for Borg® tube

The bino-platform BB-140 is made for smaller refractors about 3 - 4" and offer adjustable distance of the both tubes between 115 mm to 145 mm (4,5" to 5,7"). This solution is design for use with the Meade® fork mount for 8" SCT's. See also Hutech's blog, our US partner . To make the mechanical structure as rigid as possible, we use high precision ball cage linear-bearing's from Agathon to realize best linear adjustability.

the bino-platform BB-140 with optional tube mounting rings and cradle for SCT fork mount

An important point is to keep both tubes parallel otherwise you get a double image. The adjustability of the distance of both tubes (interocular distance) is with a easy to use hand-wheel at side. The platform works perfect with Borg 71FL, 77ED, 89Ed or 90FL tubes or similar products of coarse.

The platform permitted easy and stable adjustment of the both tubes and can use on standard photographic tripods as well as at Alt/Az mounts or very unique at german equatorial mounts (with EQ holder).

Borg® binoscope into Meade® 8" fork mount
The perfect solution for a smaller driven binoscope with full goto capacity and convenient view point for DeepSky and high magnification planetary observations. Ask Ted for more details.

The multipurpose possibilities make this platform very unique and offer you a mile-stone in visual observing

optional carrying handle

L-holder for Alt/Az mounts


  • adjustable distance for tubes between about 4,5" to 5,7".
  • adjustable tube bases to find perfect parallelism
  • high precision ball cage linear bearing's form Agathon
  • both small and wide tube mounting rings are possible
  • elaborate lightweight design made with quality aluminium, black anodized
  • optional holder for fork mount
  • optional holder for Al/Az mounts
  • optional carrying handle for easy handling

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