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The new, inexpensive double telescope with 80 mm diameter makes it easy to get started with binocular observation. The optics, 100% made in Japan guarantee high performance and a low price.

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AYO mount series

Experience the absolute lightness of stargazing - enjoy the ultimate "grab-and-go" AYO mount. Forget all the distractions of having to manage a mount while observing. The simplicity of the AYO mount allows you to literally focus on the sky.

Enjoy your fine refractor like a big dob - easily portable to where the sky is dark

How many times do you consider popping outside for a quick view of the sky, but decide not to because your mount is too much of a hassle? Your equatorial, geared, mount just takes too long to even just point. The AYO series mounts still support the high load capacity and smooth motions of those "premium" complicated mounts, but their lightness and the alt-az design allows you to move the scope outside and start observing instantly. A ten minute observing session might take only eleven minutes. Imagine how much more observing at home you might do with that little overhead!

Is your home under a bright sky? Do you like a computerized mount? The AYO series mounts support an internal encoders option. In addition to protecting the ecoders from damage and weather, mounting them internally is a beautifully elegant solution. Add a handheld sky computer or WiFi repeater and you have a self-contained computer assisted observing system that still only requires one trip outside to start observing.

nothing is handling so easy like an AYO

How often do you take your premium refractor and complicated mount to a dark site? Again, is it too much hassle? Imagine what you could see and how often you would go if the prep consisted of dismounting the scope and taking with the mount immediately to the car with no time-consuming breakdown. Add a trip to the car for your eyepieces and you're on the road..

Our 15+ years of experience of AYO manufacturing leads to a lightweight, vibration-free, backlash-free mount with unmatched smoothness.

Don't dream about it, go for it! We have developed a series of mounts that provide the unequaled freedom to truly grab your gear... and go! With their silky smooth movements you'll enjoy pinpoint stars in minutes The bottom line is simple: with AYO mounts you'll get the most from your fine refractors. .

Go where the sky is dark and the stars shine so bright

Exploit our 15 year experience of AYO manufacturing and use your scope with a lightweight and very vibrations-less mount with unmatchable smooth, back-swing-free movement even you change eyepieces, light or heavy one's, lowest or highest magnifications. So we think the best feeling about a mount is not to feel it: AYO - just you and the sky

See also this review of a AYO mount at Cloudy Nights.

All our products are finished with an 18 μ anodized layer. Asian producers typically anodize to only 2 - 3 μ, which is significant less resistant against mechanical abrasion to save expenses. Due to this extraordinary thickness, the color-tone can vary slightly from unit to unit, but it provides extraordinary protection and is a key to the unmatched smoothness of the axis motions.

VAMO traveler

The VAMOtraveler,
the ultimate travel mount

the true all-round mount

The AYOdigi II
stay on fast lane

The AYOmaster
tower of strength

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Overview AYO mounts


(height / width)

recommended load capacity
(without/with counterweight
at other side)
length of scope
VAMOtraveler 260 x 220 mm ca. 1,3 kg ca. 6 kg ca. 1000 mm
AYO II 244/302 x 207 mm ca. 3,0 / 3,4 kg ca. 8 kg / 12 kg ca. 1200 mm
AYOdigi II 275/337 x 242 mm ca. 5,5 / 6,0 kg ca. 14 kg / 18 kg ca. 1500 mm
AYOmaster 400 x 290 mm 15 kg ca. 25 kg / 30 kg ca. 2000 mm
As beautiful as the mount is on the outside, it's just as beautiful on the inside. See for yourself.
We manufacture all our products at our own climate-neutral workshop with 100% clean energy, CO2-free from natural sources to protect our climate and environment.

accessories for AYO mount's
Dovetail holders Vixen style
Dovetail saddle
Vixen style
Dovetail holders Losmandy style
Dovetail saddle
Losmandy style
specialized accessoires

half pillar
for the AYO mount's
drive handle

fine moving handle
for the AYO mount's
counterweight shaft

Vixen style dovetails
"Vixen" style
Losmandy style dovetails
"Losmandy" style
drive handle
universal holder
for small binoculars
drive handle
holding system
for bino-scope systems
carrying case

carrying case
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